Aug 1, 2011

AIM - Application infrastructure and middleware - Cloud and Appliance


Application infrastructure and middleware you can right it or buy it.

The AIM solutions provided by most major vendors like Oracle , IBM and Microsoft.
The products that out in the market contains many features that suppose to make the AIM solutions easy to handle.
You must not forget that the purpose of those products not only to create the solutions but also to provide an easy maintenance for the solutions.

The SMB market preferred not so far to do the integration by custom code because the AIM products were not so cost affective. If you need to do several integration processes a year why to spend tens of thousands on it? This was right in the past.

Today you can find a good products out there that will not only speed the integration process but also will provide good platform for maintenance.

If you don't have the man power or the resources you can get an appliance solution or a cloud.
appliance solution can be very easy to use , but keep in mind that it is an appliance , the update process can hard and you can have problems to scale your solution.

Cloud is the world that everyone use , and you can do integration as a service , INaaS.

some INaas vendors that you should check when seeking for integration solution for your business :

- Dell boomi
- WebSphere Cast Iron
- Mule Cloud connect
- Progress

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