Jul 28, 2008

MQ 6 on Windows 64 bit operating systems

So, is there such thing as WMQ 64 bit on 64 bit Windows platform?

I discovered that there is no such thing.
WMQ 6 on windows is great 32 bit queueing system that supports 64 bit windows platforms.
This issue doesn't exist on Linux/unix systems.

If you developing .Net application for 64 bit systems you should compile it as an x86 program and not 64 bit, because WMQ 6.0 doesn't support 64 bit and you will get several unexpected errors while compilation/ running of the program.

go to this link
http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/wmqv6/v6r0/index.jsp and search for "installing on 64-bit windows operating systems" for more details.

Jul 13, 2008

SOA & BPM what is the connection

In the past few years the words SOA and BPM became common thing.

I won't explain about SOA or BPM in this post, I will explain the connection between those aspects.

Why do organization want to enter the SOA world?
Those are some of the reasons:
  • Business Agility - react fast to changes with Orchestration solutions.
  • Greater visibility of organization assets,services.
  • Business empowerment by IT abstration.
  • Reduction in integration expense, services reuse.

Why BPM, I already have SOA?
SOA is the enabler of BPM, with SOA you can simplify the BPM solution and gain the next things:

  • Transparency of Business processes.
  • Business Analyst empowerment.
  • With BPMN you can model your business process.
  • Business process optimization.
For Conclusion

You making SOA for the BPM. Your goal is to be ready for the changes to come and in our word changes happing all the time. If your business will be inflexible than in a short time it won't be relevant.

For BPM to succeed you need a good service infrastructure in your organization.
If not your BPM projects will soon become integration projects.
Your mind will be busy with services issues and not with the process.