Jul 4, 2010

Force Remove of old WMQ Cluster information from Qmgr

If you alter your WMQ Cluster, for example change it name or change the full repository Qmgr you may see error messages in the logs.
Errors like there is no full repository cluster for cluster "Name You have renamed" and more others.

You can execute REFRESH CLUSTER() REPOS(YES) command on the partial repository Qmgrs or the reset cluster command.

If those command not work properly I suggest to clean the SYSTEM.CLUSTER.REPOSITORY.QUEUE of the full repository Qmgr. Thus after the restart it will get the latest and the correct status of the WMQ Cluster.

1. change the SYSTEM.CLUSTER.REPOSITORY.QUEUE to get disable.
2. restart the qmgr. (Because the repository queue is in get disabled mode the cluster process will failed to start and won't lock the queue for exclusive use)
4. Alter it to get enabled mode
5. restart the Qmgr.

This should clean the noise log messages.

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