Feb 12, 2008

Biztalk 2006 MQSC adapter


In this post I will explain the benefit of the MQSC (WMQ native api client adapter) over MQS (COM+ server adapter).

When working with wmq and Biztalk on multi server environment I suggest to work with the MQSC adapter and not with MQS adapter.

Because of the following arguments:
  • MQSC Support clustered MQSeries Queue Managers.
    • The MQS adapter make subscriber for each clustered queue, even if it is the same
      queue, but on different qmgr. Creates duplication of messages.
  • MQSC Support clustered BizTalk servers.
  • You can't difine with the MQS adapter a dynamic recieve loaction. Works only with local Qmgr on the biztalk application server.
  • The COM+ level overhead of the MQS adapter.
  • Can define by WMQ channel table file a simple fail over mechanism, using the wild char "*" in the qmgr name.
You can get the inforamtion about the MQSC adapter here :
When using the MQSC adapter it is very important to set the transaction mode on (default off ) when integrating with WMQ queus. Otherwise duplication of messages can occur.


Pinhas Kolsky said...

It's always great to see a real integration expert start bogging!
Congratulations Alex - I'll stay tunes.

Alex Linder said...

Thank you.